Iron Kingdoms: Soulfull

session 2

laying down roots

After arriving in New Larkholm, the characters take Durgal Forester’s offer to guard the lincoln warehouse in exchange for free lodging and use of the offices as headquarter.

This warehouse is a free standing building in the infamous west docks burrough. After they gave the place a good inspection they noticed that some of the locks were tampered with, and that the warehouse showed signs of usage despite being abandoned for over a year. They also found an inert labor jack in the warehouse.

Alyr d’Mylothryne also made a tour of the west docks burrough and noticed some very visible gang activity.

In their first night the receive a letter warning them of the dangers of the staying in this neighbourhood,

They decided to stay and increase the security of their building with traps. In the meantime they also sell the jack they found, even though that is property of Durgal Forester

On the second night they are attacked by a bunch of gang members. These are very determined in this fight because they keep on fighting until only three of them are left. Those three try to make their escape but fail to get away. None of the gang members survive this confrontation. The weapons used in this attack are of quite good military grade quality

The next morning the characters hear the rumors that a bunch of gang members died during the night. And a torn open body was also found in the streets.


Vande_Weyer_Peter Vande_Weyer_Peter

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