Iron Kingdoms: Soulfull

Session 1

travel on the SeaHawk

Characters find themselves on the ship Seahawk on a voyage from Ceryl to New Larkholm where they are going to find a base of operations to start their mercenary charter. They have negotiated cheaper passage in return for protection, because there is a lot of pirate activity in the White Bay lately.

On their trip they chat a bit with the passengers Durgal Forester, Lucille Handers and Edward Mamois.

During the night a freak storm appears and the Seahawk is rammed by a Blackship. Their ship is entered by a bunch of Satyxis and 2 black ogruns.

After quite a fight they manage to kill all the pirates and save the lives of all the passengers and most of the crew.


Vande_Weyer_Peter Vande_Weyer_Peter

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