Ferdinand III of River's Cross

A young nobleman who spent his time duelling in the streets now has to look for a new life


From the town of River’s Cross (east of Riversmet) llael the family is commonly known as the Ferdinands by the local population. They rose to prominence through a clever politic of marriage and courtly intrigue. After gaining the rights of taxation by Ferdinand I over the bridge at River’s Cross, the family amassed a huge amount of wealth. This money was used to further indulge in trade by investing in local vineyards and Ships to trade between Horgenhold and Corvis, sometimes even visiting the great city of Caspia.
After the Passing of Ferdinand I, his son, Ferdinand II took over. Ferdinand II let most of the daily affairs be run by his servants. He spent his days as an adviser for the Lords of Riversmet. From his first marriage, he had 2 daughters and 1 son, called Ferdinand. Ferdinand died under suspicious circumstances at the Riversmet court at age 19. Rumored was that one of the rival houses poisoned him in order to seize the families assets through marriage of the Eldest daughter, Francine. His wife died giving birth to his youngest daughter.

Ferdinand quickly remarried after this, with a young fiery noblewoman from one of the impoverished houses western llael. Making one son with her, also named Ferdinand.
Ferdinand III was sent to the capital of Merywyn for education and protections of the rival houses. He however spent his days gambling and roaming the commoner districts instead of indulging in his studies.

With the invasion of llael by khador, and the exhausting crusaders of the Protectorate. Ferdinand II decided to leave all family assets behind and go towards Cygnar. Hoping to find a new life over there for his family. His youngest child and son however dreamt of adventure instead of the boring courts of cygnars lesser nobility.

Ferdinand III of River's Cross

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