Iron Kingdoms: Soulfull

Session 4

Trouble with Trollkin

The Firestorm mercenary group was hired to escort Annabelle Handers, Lucille Handers and their chaperon Miss Griffins back to their hometown Marstown by Kirsk Darangate.

The first day of their travel was uneventfull. The only thing that was a bit special was that Lucille seemed moody. They spend the night in a roadhouse and during that night Alyr d’Mylothryne caught Lucille Handers trying to sneak out. When confronted she said that all she wanted was something to drink, and that she was still sleep drunk and couldn’t find the right door to the kitchen.

During the second day they have a meeting with two drunk trollkin’s who warn the party that they should be carefull. A few hours later they see Marstown in front of them. At that moment a women and two children come running up to them. Their farm is being attacked by trollkin.

When they go the farm they find that the husband who remained to fight and cover his families escape dead and partly eaten.
They decide to quickly deliver the Handers girls and the surviving family members to the main estate. Martyn Handers thanks them about savely bringing his daughters home, but he asks them to investigate the trollkin raid.

Bain Ironside stays behind to help protect the Handers Estate while the rest of the party goes to follow the trail of the trollkin raiding party.

From the farm they find an easy to follow trail. After a while Ferdinand III of River’s Cross scents a whiff of smoke on the wind. Alyr d’Mylothryne goes ahead to scout. He stumbles upon a campsite next to a dark black tower with a screaming face relief over the entrance.

In that campsite there are three trollkin and a full blooded troll. He decides to immediately attack the trollkin with some rune bullets since he has the drop upon them. Once the fight starts out of the tower comes another trollkin with a big sword that appears to have moving screaming skulls all over the blade.

They manage to defeat this group but Jaldun goes down in the fight. Alyr d’Mylothryne checks out the skull covered sword, and immediately hears voices in his head telling him he is the supreme killer.

They decide to go back to the mansion to let Jaldun recover a bit before coming back to go investigate the dark black tower


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